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Modular system

The modular design is characterized by a simple but well-thought-out technology that is efficient, saving time and thus money. Ideal building for business.

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Construction technology

We have a project, a base plate, waterproofing, a wooden structure, we lay top-quality roofing, we insulate it thermally, we solve vapor tightness, and it’s time for plasterboard.

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In this section you will learn about the structural elements of the house. In a clear form, you will learn about the structural compositions of your house. Layer by layer.

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The specification of house standards is part of the contract for work. The standards and specifications of IWS family houses meet the 2020 energy performance of the building.

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We build our houses with the most modern European technology of prefabricated sandwich wooden buildings, guaranteeing a top level of energy-efficient housing in accordance with applicable building regulations.

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Why wooden buildings

Wooden buildings belong to the trends of economical and comfortable living. It has long been the case that traditional materials, such as wood, are only suitable for the construction of gazebos. Wood is a traditional building material used for centuries.

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